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Those with BPD often feel so alone with their fight because it is very hard to explain to others just how painful and consuming these emotions and thoughts can be. But, I can assure you that you are not alone; there are many, many people with BPD struggling with similar thoughts, emotions and behaviours in their day to day life. So, to help you feel less alone in this fight Borderline Support has set up a regular support group meeting in Melbourne.

Our core belief is that it is possible to recover from BPD and by supporting each other we can celebrate our achievements and work through our issues together. Meetings are non-judgemental, supportive and run by peer who recovered from BPD.

Melbourne Meetings


Dates and Topics for 2015:Support

Monday 26th January – Managing and Owning the Disorder

Monday 23rd February – Remission and Recovery

Monday 30th March – Understanding and Managing Emotions

Monday 27th April – Boundaries: what are they and how to accept other’s boundaries

Monday 25th May – Trains, Planes and Automobiles; where are we heading?

Monday 29th June – BPD: Emotions, Thoughts, Decisions, Responsibilities, Consequences

Monday 27th July – Abandonment Issues versus the Fear of Being Alone

Monday 31st August – Interpersonal Skills

Monday 28th September – Inner Child

Monday 26th October – Core Values and Core Beliefs

Monday 30th November – Building the New You


CAE – Room B411
Level 4,
253 Flinders Lane

Time:         6pm to 7:30pm


Please note:

* Places are limited to 18, please only register if you are committed to attending all meetings
* Members who miss three consecutive meetings will be removed from the list
* If you are concerned about privacy, please create a Hotmail, gmail or yahoo email account.


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